malicia dabrowicz


Freelance photographer, journalist and art promoter, Malicia dedicated a number of years organizing cultural events in her native Poland and abroad. As a member of The Silesian Fantasy Club, she was responsible for exhibitions and taking care of local, mostly young talents (8 collective exhibitions in 4 years) and the organization of panels and conventions dedicated to Japanese Culture and comics (7 conventions on national and local level, collaborations with "Manggha" Japanese Museum in Cracow, Poland). Her articles and photos appeared in the magazines: "Kawaii", "Anime Plus" and mostly "Mangazyn", where she also ran her own column and held the position of resident correspondent to Berlin Fantasy Film Fest in Germany and Era Nowe Horyzonty Film Festival in The Czech Republic. She also participated in radio and TV programs and coordinated drawing workshops.
Two times member of Work Camp Volunteer program at Roskilde Festival (2003, 2004). Currently residing in Malta, Malicia brought The World Press Photo exhibition to the Island and dedicates her time to her own cultural management project Vanadian Avenue. In the meantime she is trying to scrape some time together to finish her personal projects: "Lucidity in me" (old graveyard photography). Malicia is a founding member of Sundsong (with her twin sister and cartoonist Rita and Swedish painter Johan Lofstrom) and Phos groups. Her interest lies in event organizing, visual arts and photography. She admires the works of Henri Cartier- Bresson, The Bang Bang Club, James Nachtwey. On local level she is inspired by Steve "Maku" Scicluna, Denise Scicluna, Martin Bonnici, Darrin Zammit Lupi and Ben Borg Cardona.

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